Dr Rajesh Munglani is a Consultant in Pain Medicine at the Royal Papworth hospital Cambridge. He specialises in a wide range of pain conditions including spinal pain, cancer related pains and complex regional pain.


Dr Munglani lectures and writes widely in the academic setting as well as writing medicolegal reports with a 60/40 ratio but at times equal distribution between Claimant and Defendant work in personal injury and clinical negligence work. He holds clinics in Cambridge and London.

Dr Munglani's Professional CV including medico-legal experience can be downloaded here

His recent letter to the Times 14/09/2020 is here with the full list of signatories  here


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As well as his formal medical training Dr Munglani was at various times, since 1990 onwards, in addition a Research Fellow, a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, and from 1995 Senior Research Associate, Honorary Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Relief and Palliative Care (at Arthur Rank Hospice) and eventually Director of the Pain Relief Service at Addenbrookes Hospital.  In 2000 he accepted a post as Consultant in Pain Medicine and Lead Clinician at the West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds and developed an expanded multidisciplinary Pain Service.  From June 2014 until September 2016 he has held an honorary contract in Pain Medicine at the West Suffolk Hospital Cambridge University Trust. He is a Consultant in Pain Medicine at the Royal Papworth Hospital Cambridge.

In 2009 he became and continues to be an officer for the Interventional Pain Medicine Group of the British Pain Society. In 2011-2014 was elected to the Council of the British Pain Society. Also, in 2011 he became a founding member and Secretary of the Medicolegal special interest group of the British Pain Society and currently co-chair of this group. He was a NICE liaison officer for the BPS from 2011-2013 and also chaired the website development group in 2012. In 2010 he created and continues to moderate an online discussion groups for Consultants in Pain Medicine, and due to its success set up groups for pain fellows and medicolegal issues in pain.


He also founded the annual Cambridge Medicolegal Conference and cofounded the Cambridge Medicolegal Forum. He is Editor in Chief of the Journal of Observational Pain Medicine. www.joopm.com. He was appointed Editor of BPS Pain News in May 2018.

He also is on the Council of the London Pain Forum and is also Associate Advisor to the Parliamentary Health Ombudsmen on pain related matters.  Also, he has recently been elected to the Council of the Royal Society of Medicine – Pain Section and Independent Doctors Federation until 2019. He was appointed to the scientific programme committee of the BPS in September 2019.


Dr Munglani has 19 years medico-legal experience in preparing reports for injury related legal claims. His present ratio of instruction is 60% Claimant, 40% Defendant but at times equal and some Joint Expert.


Working in Cambridge and London, he writes on average 120 medico-legal reports per year for personal injury and medical negligence claims. Most of this work is in the field of persistent back and neck pain, particularly after injury and trauma. He also writes reports on patients with complex regional pain syndromes. He has been to court on numerous occasions, including giving evidence at the High Court on 4 occasions. He is normally able to see prepare a report within 4-6 weeks of seeing a client (subject to other commitments/annual leave). He has also appeared as an expert before the GMC and advises the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. Listed on the UK Register of Expert Witnesses Member of the Society of Expert Witnesses and  also on the APIL List of Expert Witnesses.   His Medicolegal CV can be found here.




Clinical Fees. The time taken for a report is approximately 12 to 16 hours work for personal injury and approximately 12 to 16 hours for Clinical Negligence at a fee of £425 per hour + VAT.



Cambridge Annual Medico-Legal Conference

Dr Munglani established this conference in 2011 and has since been joined by co-organisers Julian Benson, Barrister, Guildhall Chambers, Stuart McKechnie, Barrister, 9 Gough Square and Dr Michael Spencer, Consultant Psychiatrist. The 10th Anniversary conference is on 25th September 2020, see here.

For all medico-legal enquiries:

Please contact Dr Munglani's secretary, Sue Sanalitro

Email: sue.sanalitro@gmail.com

Tel/Fax: 01223 479024


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Full list of recent articles and lectures by Dr Munglani here



The information on this page is intended to help you prepare for your appointments with Dr Munglani and to ensure you have the information you need to help you understand the procedures that will be used to treat you once Dr Munglani has made his recommendation.


Medical insurance

It is extremely important that you communicate with your medical insurer. You will need their approval to make your appointment with Dr Munglani and you must inform them of his recommendation and ensure you get confirmation in writing that they will pay for your treatment.


Your treatment

The series of leaflets below are in PDF format and relate to the main procedures performed by Dr Munglani. The leaflets relating to each individual procedure contain important instructions for you to follow.


It is important that you make preparations in advance of the day of the procedure, for instance following many of the procedures you will need to arrange to be driven home afterwards.



Allow plenty of time to get to your appointment. Each hospital will have their own set of requirements in addition to those made by Dr Munglani. Please read all communication from the hospital carefully.


Clinical New Patient consultancy fees are £350 per half hour, Follow Up patient consultation £200 (1/4 hour).

Rehab Style referrals or complex cases £500 per half hour and Follow Up patient consultation £200 (1/4 hour).

Treatment Costs:

Diagnostic injections such as facet joint blocks or nerve root blocks  are £1,050*  (this is inclusive of one follow up)

Facet joint radiofrequency denervation is £1,733* (this is inclusive of one follow up)

SI Joint radiofrequency Denervation is £1,890* (this is inclusive of one follow up)

*Please note this is only Dr Munglani’s fee, the hospital fees will be provided separately.


Injections in Clinic:

 All patients will require a new patient consultation initially at £350*

A second consultation, after the patient has had time to review the pros and cons of the injections, will take place the cost of which will be £350*


*Please note this is only Dr Munglani’s fee, the hospital fees including drugs and solutions will be provided separately.







Dr Rajesh MunglaniConsultant in Pain Medicine


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